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I purchased a used aim scope off calguns maybe 1-2 years ago. It's been in storage since. The previous owner buggered the tiny sets crews on the knobs in a failed attempt to get them off. I think it's a 8-24 illuminated. Are they repairable? Are they warranted? The reason believe he did, is the eye relief is not centered. If not no big deal, I didn't know if the higher end aim scopes had a lifetime warranty etc. I forget which one it is currently. I though when I looked it up last year it had a msrp of maybe $400ish no rush, I will not be to storage for maybe another 1-3 months, just appreciate feedback
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We will win. We are right. We will never stop fighting.
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They don't believe it's possible, but then Alison didn't believe there'd be 350K - 400K OLLs in CA either.
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Our fate is ours alone to decide as long as we remain armed heavily enough to dictate it.