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Originally Posted by CK_32 View Post

Looks like you did your first build right!

I miss AR build threads

Use to see one every week now they are hard to come by.
Thanks, I appreciate it! I try to get the best my budget will allow, so far I am pleased with my options. How's that midlength coming along?

Originally Posted by animossity View Post
that's a sweet trigger, I had that on my last AR. Made a world of difference.

Is that how much that ACOG costs normally or was it on sale or something?
The FFL I've bought the ACOG from the employees and owner and I have known each other for a very long time, he gave me a good price. They're usually $700-800 (I think) for the model I have.

Originally Posted by goodlookin1 View Post
Nice build, man! $355 is ridiculous....jealous.

I just hope that 14.5" barrel is pinned....
Thanks! I definitely got lucky with the ACOG. Yup, the flash hider is pinned/welded from the manufacture, overall length is "16.1
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