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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
correct, you if you have a fixed-mag, it can't be over 10-rounds lest it be considered an AW.

Why? Because they wanted to ban those evil cheap SKS's with the banana-clips.

the fact that you could go featureless and run a large-cap mag either didn't cross their mind or they didn't want to ban your average mini-14 or M1a. that way they could claim that they were just going after the EBRs, not the pretty wood ones. defines "featureless?" No pistol grip? I still have a shoulder stock, my barrel is still 16"+, it's still longer than 30" OAL. I can have a mini-14 with full cap mags, no prob? But not an "AR" that's not a "AW?" WTF? BS!?! I hate this stupid state sometimes