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Default Barrel Extensions

Our own Blackout Barrel Extensions in Matte/Flat Black are available for all of the Master Piece Arms guns, .45 acp & 9mm series including Mini 930-
This machined 7 inch Barrel extension takes its looks from the Browning 1919 machine gun barrel. It is threaded for the M-11 9mm SMG and Semi Auto and provides more accuracy and gives your weapon a more tactical look. It also acts as a counter weight and aids to keep the muzzle down under rapid fire in both an SMG and Semi Auto. With 9 machined ports at the end, it acts as a muzzle break as well.
$49.99 M-11 & Mid Sized MPA 9mm-

MPA Mini 930-$42.99

MPA & Mac-10 .45 acp Series-$46.99

Have a great weekend!
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