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When I did my CCW for Butte I had a friend turn the PDF form into an editable document so everything would look nice and neat (I'm sure there are three year olds that have better penmanship than myself).
After going through the class and qualifying I went down to the sheriff's office with all of my paperwork (btw, you will be the office gal's buddy if you bring exact cash). She reviewed all of my paperwork, read through my GC and informed me the sheriff likes to see about 3/4's of the area filled out. I simply elaborated on my causes and all was well.
The important things to remember:
Dress nicely, be courteous, smile, and be polite. There was a gentlemen that came in while I was waiting, who was very loud, and disrespectful about his permit (apparently it had expired).
I don't know the outcome of what happened, but I know that my permit showed up in the mail about 5-6 weeks later.
Don't be afraid of applying in Butte county, if you're background is clear, you have gone through all of the classes, and put 27 out of 30 on paper you should be good to go.
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