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Originally Posted by CodaMan View Post
The Kings County Sheriff requires that you apply through your local Police Chief. Should the local P.D. decline the request then the Sheriff's Dept. will review the application and make a decision on the issue.
Originally Posted by O_S_P_76 View Post
2. Do you reside inside the city limits of Avenal, Corcoran, Hanford or
If your answer is no and you reside in the unincorporated of Kings County,
please proceed to the next question.
If your answer is yes, please contact the Police Department of the city in which
you reside. If your application gets denied by your local police department, you
may then be eligible to apply with the Kings County Sheriff.-tj
I'm glad you both mentioned that, it's one of the many parts of their policy that are in direct conflict with State Law.

Originally Posted by O_S_P_76 View Post
Interesting timing of your inquiry, I am just sitting down after completing my CCW class, now have that certificate to present w/packet.
My three recc'd. letters are still not completed.
One of my letters is coming from active LEO so I'm not pressing it's completion. The other two are from retired professionals, and I'm having some difficulty crossing paths with them. Now that the CCW class has been completed, I'm putting the process back on front burner.
More later.
The three letters fall under the category of any documentation in addition to the Standard Application, which is not allowed by State Law. If they can articulate a substantive reason to believe that you're lying under penalty of perjury on a State form, that could be grounds for more investigation.

Besides, what are three letters going to prove, that you can find 3 people to say nice things about you?? Or that you know "someone" deals, benefits and privileges are for the "good ole boys club", not Civil Rights issues.

I guess your documentation of complying with the illegal application process could potentially benefit other people just so they can see how ridiculous it is...
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