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Default Change in wind affecting the vertical drop in the bullet

I was wondering, if I had my rifle zeroed with a 10 mph wind left to right at a certain distance and I shot at the same location on a different day with all of the same conditions (ie: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ect) except on this day there is no wind, would this effect the drop of the bullet? If so how much? My thought is that if when I shot with my rifle zeroed it may have been a little bit farther because the wind made the bullet have a horizontal arc when being shot as well as a vertical arc and when wind is not a factor it would only have a vertical arc and no horizontal arc. For this example lets say I was taking a 600 yard shot at 10mph my windage adjustment would be 5.3 MOA for a 33" drift. When I tried to calculate for this same shot with no wind my calculations showed that the bullet would travel a fraction of an inch shorter than if there was wind which should not really effect the bullet drop, but I only have so much of a math background and do not know if I did my math correctly. Any information is greatly appreciated.
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