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Haven't been back in awhile and just saw this.

Now that Larry has responded I will say the word I used, "retired", was out of respect for Larry. The crap I have seen go down at WEGC in the last five or so years was and is scary.

The "club" as it is now will not exist in the next four or five years if at all. The club is being taken over by a select few that want it for themselves. The club is governed by a few when it should be governed by the many. The board is rampant with corruption from within, the board members argue with themselves, are in constant conflict with each other to the point that some sitting board members have sent out mass emails to pointing out the shortcomings of the organization and what is truly taken place. Makes you wonder if they see a problem why most other don't.

About five years ago myself and a few others saw the writing on the wall in regards to future of the club and what a handful of individuals were attempting to do. A proposed bylaws change was made to give the majority of the voting power to the members with total transparency, with the board representing the members not just the "club". Those handful of individuals were able to prevent those changes by bringing to the meeting only those that would vote their way, and the rest of the members were either too busy to come or didn't care. (One of the changes would have been to allow members to vote by mail to prevent this)

From that point the club changed for the worst and now it's starting to come to light just what I and others had feared five years ago.

Raising the dues instead of lowering it after the property was paid off, banning members from the range and the club website that don't speak the boards approved message, attempting to circumvent the members by creating bylaws that give the board ultimate power, attempting to create a "shadow corporation" (their words not mine) to allow them, if they choose to, sell the club to the new "corporation" and turn the club into a for profit organization with no say from the members to even giving themselves a paycheck on your dime. The list goes on and on.

No Larry didn't retire he quite because he too saw the writing on the wall not to mention the crap he took. I suggest if you are a member you stop and take a look around, get to a meeting and just see how they run the club and spend your money. As for me I stopped giving them my money and won't even consider it until things change, but like I feared before I don't think the club will even exists in a few years so I won't need to worry about it. If you are a member or even considering it I suggest you get yourself to a meeting and see just what is going on and just how much say the member do have before you decided to spend you money on something you won’t have in the future.

You want to speak your mind without getting banned or threatened you might want to check out this new website. I was sent an anonymous email regarding its existence.
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