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Originally Posted by jsr3313 View Post
WOW...what a thread. I have read most of it...I'm just confused about one thing... list lower? What exactly does that mean?

I recently built an AR, and have been to the range a few times. However, just to be safe, even though I transport with a MAGVAULT (made by gunvault) inserted in the magwell, that I need to invest in some 10rd mags to be legal at the range.

Sadly, I did not realize that there is so much that makes these "illegal." I do have the "pistol grip" and the aforementioned rad-lock....damn...LOL

Again, thanks for the plethora of information, much appreciated.
Thank you! Many of us have worked long and hard to make this happen. The key is realizing:

1) these firearms are 100 percent legal, and:

2) some people do not know that yet.

OFF-LIST means it is not on the banned-by-name list. Also - please remember that legal means legal everywhere! The big issue with rifles that use bullet-buttons (vs featureless), is that folks seem to forget that inserting anything larger than a 10 round magazine means that you both have manufactured AND possess an AW.

Crap - yet another acronym!


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