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Originally Posted by h0use View Post
i was wondering what you guys thought of a chest mounted pistol holster. i did not see any. also was wondering how many mags do you carry total on your carrier. rifle and pistol?
I carried my M9 in a Tactical tailor holster attached to their 45 degree panel attached the the chest of my IBA when I was deployed.

I think that set-up works for when you have an insane amount of stuff attached to yourself, as I did with the 4 (3) mag pouches, 2 large utility pouches, IFAK, compass/ grenade pouch. And or work in an environment where a hip or thigh holster doesn't work as well (vehicle with tight constraints)

granted the situation I found myself in was a combination of both of those.

With my past experience, I'm actually setting up my new rig so that my strong side is slick with the pistol holstered on the hip. Just makes the most sense and feels the most natural, also helps being a FO and not a grunt, my ability to communicate is far more important than the amount of ammo I carry on me these days.
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