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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Jury is still out on the new issuance rate and how the overly strict GMC evaluation is playing out, but it sounds as if you'd be a great test case, if nothing else
Stay tuned as we gather more data on grantings & denials now that applications are being accepted.
I have plenty of paperwork (17 years worth) to back GMC and my bro-in-law is a Sherriff's Deputy here in San Diego. So, I don't think GMC will be an issue. If personal defense is enough for GC, then it's looks like I should be good to go. I'm excited.

I move up there in January and will begin the process as soon as I can. I'll be up there in December to find a place to live, so maybe I'll stop by the Sherriff's Department (in Salinas?) to start the process.
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