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Like BayouB,I started young.Both of my daughters,I started at 8.One of them is a 29 year old school teacher now and has always been responsible and good with a gun(any gun).Her sister is a 28 year old RN that I do not trust to this day turning my back on with a loaded gun.My grandson is turning 4 in 2 weeks and is going to get a BB gun to shoot with grandpa.He is crazy about plastic guns and bows now.Depending on what I see,it will be a couple years until he gets to shoot a 22.I like the control of a single shot,lever or a bolt action though,for teaching.Adults as well need to start with something that has to be worked between shots.Again like Bayou,figure out reactive targets for keeping the kids interest.I used balloons.My one daughter,wife and I all like popping them at 200 yds with a 22,204,223,22-250,308 etc etc
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