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Originally Posted by 82lightfighter View Post
Hey Ray, are there still spots open for this? And I am wondering about what equipment (beyond standard range kit -- so battle belt with drop leg and dump pouch, along with 3 gun setup?) I should bring for this class? A friend and I, who have both been to the safe hangun competitor class, are interested in this one. Thanks for the heads up!
"Yes"...there are still spots open for the class. But I can only take 12 shooters at a time, and folks are already signing-up.

If you have already taken the SAFE HANDGUNNER CLASS, you will NOT need to take my class. (Although it is still recommended, as I will be covering the USPSA MG rules, as well as many other tips for multigunning). BUT YOU STILL NEED TO COME TO A SATURDAY MULTIGUN PRACTICE IN ORDER FOR ME TO SIGN-OFF FOR YOU TO ATTEND A MULTIGUN MATCH!! Having taken the SAFE HANDGUNNER COURSE, you are now familiar with all the range/USPSA safety requirements needed. But we still need to clear you at the multigun practice, as multigun and pistol are two very different animals!

Anyhoo...bring your SAFE HANDGUNNER card with you on a multigun practice Saturday, and I will walk you through the steps needed for safe multigun shooting.

We do not really focus on the pistol aspect, and will not really have the MG stage set-up for pistol shooting. But if you are attending the SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS, and want to bring one, let me know. I can accomodate you guys, and make sure I cover some of the pistol basics during the class.

As for the equipment needed, bring A WORKING shotgun (pump or semi) a rifle (any type of long gun), 50 rifle rounds and at least two magazines for it (some Blade-Tech AR magazine holsters are highly recommended), 50 shotgun shells, and a means to carry these shells...and you should be fine. (No steel shot, or steel core rifle rounds allowed on the range)!!!!!

There are different ways that folks carry their shotshells, and during the class you will see a few different ways. I recommend that you NOT purchase any shotshell carriers until you take the class. Why? Because during the class we will show you a few different types of shotshell carriers, and this way you can try them out yourself before dumping any money on anything. (Which can get expensive).

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you make sure your firearms are in good (safe) working order, and that you try your shotshells in your shotgun before the class. For pump action shotguns, no problemo. But for semi-auto shotguns...well...they can be finicky. And I have seen PLENTY of guys come to shoot a multigun practice - or match - and have their shotguns not cycle their shotshells. So basically, their semi becomes a single-shooter. (Shoot, rack the action, shoot, rack the action, etc...). Bad ju-ju, folks.

I am one of the Richmond multigun committee members, and you will either have to take the MG class, or be cleared for MG practice, before attendiing ANYTHING multigun on our range. This includes any type of long gun practice!

Safety is the name of the game here, folks, Safety and club liability.

Don't be shy folks, feel free to call me with your questions.

I work graveyard, so feel free to call in the late afternoons, or any time during the evenings. (Even late evenings).

In Christ: Raymond
415 377.8042

PS: Special Note: If any shooter has already shot a long gun match at Richmond, you are grandfathered in.

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