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Great match! Instead of the slug shots, I should have been much more worried about pistol clay birds stuck into no shoots, 400 yd rifle shots and stuffing 30 rnds in my shotgun on the clock (only dropped 1!). As a first timer, I would echo what has been said before that anyone interested in trying 3-gun should get some pistol competition experience first. I have been shooting IDPA and Steel Challenge for a few years and couldn't believe how much stuff you need to manage (gear wise and mentally during the shooting) for one of these matches. It felt like I spent more time worrying about getting to the line with the right equipment and load-out then the shooting strategy. Even with pistol experience there are different procedural/safety things that you need to learn for the long guns. I think I only managed to do one mildly stupid thing and a swift application of Sammy's boot learned me well.

All in all a great day at a nice range with challenging stages and good people. As a newby you will be guaranteed to leave your first match with two long lists - one of skills you need to practice and another of cool gear you want to buy!

Thanks to SuperSet, Sammy, Frito, Andrew, Dennis, Bronco and Justin for going easy on the new guy. I learned a lot and will definitely be back - hopefully with a rifle that runs.
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