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Originally Posted by 831Shooter View Post
Gotcha. Thanks!

One other question. I think I have decided on the Kel-tec PF-9.. I spoke with one of the FFLs in the list and they can get the gun and do the SSE.

While the legality of how everything done is very clear, I don't understand the "actual" process.

So I understand that they would get the PF-9 and convert to SSE. Which means a mag-block and somehow making the gun with 6 minimum barrel length, and a minimum overall length of 10.5 when assembled.

I assume a drop in barrel is how they get the minimum required length.

So, I wait my 10 days and go to pick up my gun. As soon as I take possesion can/do I sit down right there and take out and return the long barrel and put the normal barrel in, etc.?

That is correct. Only stipulation is that these barrels are manufactured for each gun/platform, so not all shops will have a barrel for every type of gun if there isn't a big enough demand for it.
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