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Originally Posted by O_S_P_76 View Post
I emailed bcombs and have not heard back so I decided to begin the front door process. I'll PM this time in reference to this thread to see if it's being followed and if another channel can be utilized. - tj
How long ago? Keep in mind that there are only a small handful of people working on documents & processes for all 58 Counties, including the ones with open lawsuits, so it might be a few days before he can reply.

Kings County License to Carry page, read through the links, namely the 'fillable DOJ standard application' (has an example and a fillable application) and then read through the Sheriff's 'Local CCW Policy', it's a sad joke. Also, see the known accepted Good Cause Statements to see if any are similar to yours...all things considered legally equal, if they've approved someone else but deny you for a similar GC, they're uh, well, it would be unwise of them to do so

You didn't pay for your Hanford PD application yet, did you? That's one area they like to get people, illegally require applicants to get denied (and pay) through Hanford PD first, then you can pay your fees to the Sheriff, THEN they'll tell you if you're good enough for them.
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