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Hey all - So in reading the link in the 1st post "in depth explanation thread" by bwiese it states the summary and clarifications of all the exemptions to the roster. One of the exemptions mentioned being:

California FFLs are allowed to freely import non-Rostered handguns for prospective LEO sales - and handguns rendered into Roster-exempt status are legal for resale to ordinary Californians too. Note the 12133PC exemptions includes the controlling phrase, “The provisions of this chapter do not apply…”
It would seem this would be WAY easier than dealing with the whole conversion issue. Not to mention the fact that there are a ton of off roster guns out there where it just is not possible/practical to get it exempt via the SSE.

Seems pretty cut and dry legally as I read it. Any FFL is allowed to purchase off roster guns so they can potentially sell to LE. But once that gun is in their possession it can be sold to any non exempt person. Period.

So are any of the FFLs doing this? If so, who? If not, why not?

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