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A very hearty THANK YOU! Goes out to the motivated individuals that showed up yesterday and worked until about 1500 hrs.

We didn't accomplish everything due to the small showing, about 15 in all, but we got a lot done!

The Conex Box at R103 was gutted, cleaned, reorganized, prepped and painted a lovely shade of "Marine Green". Targets were built and the red ants at the 600yd line got some payback delivered to them.

We didn't get the roof on the Pistol Box at R102, which is critical that we accomplish before the rain really sets in, but we'll get it another day soon.

All in all though, the crew that showed up yesterday worked their butts off and the folks that didn't show up owe them a big thank you. The no shows will get another chance to redeem themselves however when the time comes to finish the Pistol Box and a couple of other renovation projects we need to do (rebuilding the Rapid Fire Boards for instance).

Once again, thanks to those that showed up and got the next firing season off to a great start!

John Hermsen, President
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