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Originally Posted by Japsican View Post
Hey Everyone, I haven't been on CGN for a while and haven't been keeping up with the OLL/Bullet button situation, but I'm wondering if things are starting to settle down a bit? Are OLL's so common now that LEO is a little more up to speed on OLL's and BB's? I know we all need to follow the flow chart and I know there'll always be that one LEO that thinks a legally configured OLL is and AW, but I'm hoping I can be a little less paranoid these days. The market has flooded with legally configured rifles utilizing BB's, and with big retailers such as Turners making them available to the public, how could OLL's not be viewed as the norm by LEO?
It still depends on the local agency.

What I am seeing now are arrests for IMPROPERLY CONFIGURED OLL's. I am seeing less arrests for OLL's.

I have seen ZERO successful felony prosecutions for possession of a legally configured OLL (there is no crime there, so impossible to prosecute). HOWEVER, there are close calls because people have not used good defense lawyers, and/or have not properly triangulated with CGF.

There are also cases where folks plead out, and lose their gun rights for something that is simply NOT A CRIME.

ALSO - most arrests now are NOT related to traffic stops. They tend to be cases where LE comes to a house for "reason x" and then finds rifles that are not properly configured. We are doing outreach with LE, and we are hoping to continue our educational efforts.

The CA DOJ IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS. They are letting down rank and file LE by not properly promulgating appropriate training materials. As far as I know, the CA BOF website still contains information that is factually and legally wrong. If they were a law firm, this would be cause for sanctions from the Bar. It is that bad.

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