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Originally Posted by Droppin Deuces View Post
Basically, anything that says "drop-in" or "two piece" can be installed with the muzzle device already pinned.

I'm primarily looking at the KAC because it's the standard military issue and I'm not worried about shooting sub-MOA with this thing. But if I do get a bug and want to go with a FF assembly, my first choice will be Centurion Arms. They are made in San Diego at the JD shop, and appear to be a very good design. They are also lighter than the equivalent Daniel Defense rail and utilize the standard barrel nut.
Oh dang, I always like to support the SD shops for sure. I handled the Omega 7 last night and it is incredibly light and feels solid. It's going to be hard to justify the extra $100 for KAC if it comes down to DD vs. KAC.
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