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Unhappy Response to subarurob on 3-9-11

This will answer all the questions that were asked as to why I left West End Gun Club earlier this year.

I did not retire from West End Gun Club--I quit because my membership was taken away from me for politicing. This was after eight years of service. I was trying to encourage others to run for office, and I had a total of five parties interested. A statement was made by the president that nobody else would run, that we only needed a referendem to fill political positions. Three of these five were not ineligible because in our bylaws the word "should" was replaced by "shall." The other two were not of the "chosen" group, which led to a very hostile and threatening club meeting during late 2010. The current regime crucified these two, forcing them to file lawsuits.

After hundreds of uncompensated hours that I donated to the betterment of the club over the years, they attempted to shut me up and threatened me with termination. I QUIT ON MY TERMS--not to be fired under theirs!! As far as leaving the membership out in the cold, the only ones that would have suffered were the "match" shooters that would have had to open the gate for themselves. The Club is a 24/7 operation. At that time the range was not even available due to the inclement weather.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful friends I have made at West End Gun Club. I must have done something right for being a grumpy, old fart.

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