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Originally Posted by chead View Post
Non-NFA folks with pinned flash hiders: What rails are you running? I'm having a hard time deciding if I should get a free-float on there before I have the flash hider pinned or go plastic now and maybe use a two-piece later.
Daniel Defense Omega. It's worth the $$$ and you can go plastic for as long as you want first. Or, if you want to lose a couple ounces of delta ring assembly, etc, get the DD lite rail before you pin/weld. Either rail is great. I have one of each.

One thing more I can throw out there, if you want a bigger diameter forend than a DD (they're pretty compact, which is amazing because you can run most piston systems underneath them) check out a YHM diamond series. Very large grip surface, especially with some full profile rail covers.

Good luck deciding. I'm sure it'll be awesome any way you go.
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