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Default Fundamento CCW Question around Single Shot Conversion

Hello all,

Been lurking for awhile on this thread but I have a related question regarding weapons that have gone through the single shot conversion and then have been reverted back.

I will be applying for my CCW. Not totally clear on the process yet, but I'll figure it out, (I'm sure with your all's help).

Question is this: Is there any chance that I might get in trouble with the CCW process if I have a weapon that was converted with the single shot conversion, then converted back?

What's driving this for me is that I really like the the Boberg XR9-S as it is highly concealable but soft shooting enough so you can practice a lot. My wife has expressed interest in learning to shoot a handgun as well, so I want to make sure she has as positive experience as possible.

Thanks for your input, take care.
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