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Honestly I do NOT think any of the money came from BEN OR any fellow CGers.. YOu guys have no FREAKING clue how and what went on behind the scenes in my race team.. From all I saw NUMEROUS companies jumped on board and had given a little money.. (it was no what you would THINK it would or should have been) I am grateful for all the help from the Cgers that jumped on board as well. Back on the companies that helped us (from Ben making some phone calls yes and Big Cali Dave etc etc) I do not want to mention names of the companies because other race people (bikes cars etc will bombard them with requests to help..) They wanted to be involved with CGN for sure and I truly feel we did GREAT for CGN talking to people about CGN does for our rights in California and how we lead by example etc... The whole Gpal deal and Ben seems REALLY unfortunate and I am sorry for anyone who was hurt by any of THAT. I was proud to run the logo and yes even the Gpal logo at the time. Do I hope I am able to get NEW leathers for 2012? YES I am working on it but even at at a discounted rate it still costs alot.. If any of you have any questions (like some of you did last year) just message me as I am for the most part a OPEN book... It just pisses me off that people think they KNOW THERE MONEY went to me and my racing efforts... I do not think much IF ANY did.. Just sayin. Btw I do not check CGN as much anymore so flame on!! TTYL

P..s I cashed alot of check right before the race at Infineon and I can tell you they were from some CGN sponsors and private people.. The more I think on this I have to LOL as I know where 80% of the money I got came from.. Seriously.. Did any come from anyone one of US? Maybe (I used Gpal as well) And btw some of the sponsors (again other companies not CGN or GPAL who just made it happen) did Goal me the money.. But that came from THEM to ME... NOt much came from Gpal to me.. Seriouslly think on it I don't think anything did.. Funny it's 3am... Night all.
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