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Default Ranges being closed?

I was reading posts on this forum and was sickened by the number of ranges that are being closed due to trash. This is nothing new. Too many places have been shut down already for this reason. Some people just can't get the clue. We need either to clean up their droppings and wipe their a*s or inform them politely that they are idiots and are fk'ing it up for everyone and even they will not be able to shoot there soon and they will have nowhere to go either.
Next time you see someone dumping, Call the Rangers and let them make some money for the state and possibly keep these ranges open for decent people to enjoy. Minding your own business is a cowards excuse in ANY crime. Just let everyone do what they want. I don't want to get involved. It's none of my business. There are two of them and one of me. I don't want to be a NARK... Gutless, Pansey, idiotic way of thinking. Without enough balls to do the RIGHT thing, We are not men. Understand?
Anyone Can Get An Illegal Gun
We Cannot Leave Ourselves Defenseless!

The DOJ knows that two guys with semi autos that have a folding or collapsable stock, or pistol grip could take out California's entire police force, SWAT, and the National Guard. Jeeze, that pistol grip and stock are really dangerous...
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