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Originally Posted by boxbro View Post
I understand what you are saying but....
A lot of your fellow calgunners got burned out of lots of money.
Some of the money Ben gave you was surely from their pockets, don't you feel the least bit bad about that ?
Just because he's done no wrong by you does not mean he deserves a pass for what he's done to others.
IMO, you were just a pawn for him to further his business.
He was sponsoring you while at the same exact time people were unable to get their money.
You seem proud to have been associated with him and it just boggles the mind.

That's all I'm going to say about this as this isn't a gpal discussion thread.
Agree. You keeping this thread alive instead of starting one w/o any association to GPAL seems IMO to be in poor taste for all the reasons boxbro quoted. Why not start this in Off Topic as your racing has nothing to do with the rest of the gun forum.

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