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Originally Posted by KidnK9s View Post
Just a heads-up... My last clean-up filled 3 1/2 40 yard dumpsters... I had over 50 souls there... and we finished around 5:00. If we get time to target... GREAT, but the clean-up is the deal, because of what it takes to get this kinda thing done. Plus... the sun is goin' down a little sooner these days.

But I would say... "Bring 'em if ya got 'em!"

Thanx again for the support!


Excellent Reminder

While this is for calgunners traditionally a "Clean n Shoot" - because of the resources levied by sponsors and such, please be cognisant that range cleanup and 100% resource capacity and utilization is our top priority.

Also - I'm not sure if it was mentioned, but the Rangers usually post up and "close the range to fire" @prrx 9am. So if you're dead set on getting some fire time in, please make whatever arrangements you need to in order to get to the range and get your shooting time in before 9am start.

Craig, the 9am start is still the intended begin time, correct?
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