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Originally Posted by oni View Post

Rebuilt my Noveske Upper. It started off as a 16" Light Recce. After shortening the barrel several times it got to the point where I had to get a new barrel to stay legal.

So here are the uppers current specs
  • Noveske Vltor MUR Upper
  • Noveske 14.5" Afghan Stainless Barrel
  • Battle Comp 1.5
  • KAC Handstop for URX III (being an AFG user I have to say I really like the handstop with this Rail System)
  • Surefire 600C Scout with Larue Offset Mount
  • Aimpoint T-1 Micro with Larue Mount

Still want to get the following
  • KAC 600m BUIS
  • DBAL-A2 (PEQ-15A) for use with my PVS-7B
Where did you get the URX III Handstop? Any help would be great
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