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Originally Posted by the_quark View Post
(Continued from above)

When Am I Going To Be Able To Purchase A Gun Out of California?

Right now this is illegal under Federal law, but there seems to be no intelligent basis behind it. Mr. Gura has been working a case, Hodgkins v. Holder for a while on this, but has been stalled out through jurisdictional issues. Recently SAF has filed a new case on this matter, Lane v. D.C., which notes that there is currently no gun store in D.C., and that consequently it's not legal under Federal law to purchase a firearm there.
Perhaps some clarity is in order here? On the BATFE site FAQ, they clearly state that a resident of one state can purchase LONG GUNS in another state (from an FFL dealer), but not handguns.

I haven't lived in CA for a long time, so I don't know what the state laws regarding out of state rifle/shotgun purchases are. But there are no federal laws against it. Some clarity would be nice, especially since I'm curious about how AB 809 would affect the bordering states.
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