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OK, shooters,

y'all asked for it, and the range gods have listened and smiled down upon you. I now have the "go-ahead" to start the SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS.

As usual, the SAFE HANGUNNER CLASS will still be held every 3rd Saturday of the month. But now we will also be offering the SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

There are some great multigun and long gun matches coming to Richmond in the upcoming 2012 year, as well as in Sac Valley. On top of that, the RRGC (Richmond Rod & Gun Club) also holds a multigun practice on the 1st Saturday of every month. In order to participate in either the multigun practice, or in any of the long gun matches sponsored by the RRGC, you must meet one of the following criteria: (No exceptions)

RRGC Multi-Gun Match - Competitor Qualification Requirements

1. USPSA membership with a VALID CLASSIFICATION in one or more pistol divisions. (Not JUST a member. You must have shot 6 matches and be classified).
2. Demonstrated multi-gun competition experience. This means you must show that you have previously competed in a USPSA or IMG rules based multi-gun match, and completed the match without being disqualified. (Match results with your printed name, or a letter from a match official must be presented).
3. Completion of the RRGC SAFE HANDGUN COMPETITOR CLASS, with an additional multi-gun safety orientation at the monthly RRGC multi-gun practice stage.
4. Completion of the RRGC SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS, and at least one Saturday multigun practice.

The latter prerequisites are mandatory, and there will be no exceptions. (This includes LEO's or military). The rules are there for safety's sake...and safety is the name of the game.

The SAFE MULTIGUNNER CLASS will start promptly at 0800 hours (1 hour earlier than the SAFE HANDGUNNER CLASS), because there will be more firearms to cover, as well as it taking longer during range time.

The 2nd Sundays of the month do not belong to the action shooters, so we must be out of there no later than 1330 hours to give the other organization time to set-up their stages for the Sunday match.

If you have been interested in giving multigun a try, then here is your opportunity. The class will consist of a $25.00 entry fee, which will also give you passage to a FREE USPSA pistol match. (Sorry, shooters...but our multigun matches are far and few in between, and we have a limited number of shooters which can we cannot just give those entries away. But like I said, you can still shoot one of the USPSA pistol matches held every 1st and 3rd Sunday at the club). You will be instructed on multigun safety fundementals, learn the basic USPSA Multigun Rules, have a few hours of supervised range time, and get many tips and tricks which will start you off on excellent footing.

Once this course is completed and you attend a Saturday multigun practice, if good safety is demonstrated, I (or another qualified multigun RO) will sign-off on your card, and you can shoot ANY match the RRGC will host. On top of that, Sac Valley (our sister club), will honor our MG safety class, and permit you to shoot their matches as well. This means that you will be running and gunning to your hearts content for the coming year of 2012 and beyond.

In closing, the SAFE MULTIGUN COMPETITOR will also touch on pistol as well. Not as thoroughly as the SAFE HANDGUN COMPETITOR CLASS, but enough to satisfy the requirements to shoot the pistol matches at our club.

And super get more information on the multigun class, go to the RICHMOND HOT SHOTS website. I will be the contact person for this class, so feel free to ask questions on this thread so others may also benefit from the replies, or contact me directly at:

Raymond Moreno
415 377.8042
Droid: (FYI: Millbrae is the city where I reside)

I will get back to you the first chance I get.

See y'all on the field, shooters!

In Christ: Raymond

PS: If you have already shot a Richmond long gun match, you are grandfathered in. No need to take ANY classes. (Unless you want to learn a bit more about USPSA MG Rules and tips).

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