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Hello guys,

Lets see how this works, same thread new data.

The USPSA nationals are coming up so I have sped up the stages a little bit.

A lot of 2 gun stages, 6 - slugs, 6 - 00 Buck the spinner (pistol) the Texas Star (pistol) a disappearing target, 2 - bird throwers, the kitchen sink and a Yugo.

New distances on the Rifle flashers. From the firing line the distances are: 200-250-300-350-375 and 400 yards. It will be very challenging this month.

I am however, going to make the long range Rifle very friendly (look at the stages below)

Please get there early and get signed up so we can start on time, bring water and a snack. Remember the speed limit in and out of the range is 15mph.
The land owner has no patience for speeders.

No steel core or junk ammo, know what you are shooting! the fire danger is real.

Our web site is
you can find more information there

or e-mail me at

See you Sunday.
Sammy Out!

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