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Originally Posted by AIMSMALL View Post
Nice work 7.62x39, thanks for sharing. I started working on a bakelite pistol grip by sand blasting it to start the process, I have still yet to finish the grip but I was planning on spraying it with some clear coat spray paint. Someday , LOL.
Thanks, I know that the pictures don't show that much of a difference, but it looked a LOT better in person before my mistake, especially after the wipe on poly. I'll get a better picture after I redo it tomorrow.

I also thought about getting the blaster out for this one, but I decided I would just go with regular sandpaper since I only have 70 grit aluminum oxide right now, and that seems too rough for this. Clear coat spray paint is actually a great idea, I didn't even think about that, I might try that instead. Using wipe on poly was interesting, the first coat just kind of beaded up since it was just sitting on top of the bakelite instead of absorbing, so I kept it moving until it got tacky and stopped beading up. The next coats went on a lot easier and didn't try to bead up like the first one. It also dries in about 10-20 minutes on bakelite, I assume because it is not absorbing.

It really looked AMAZING after 3 coats of wipe on poly, I can't believe I messed it up with the plastic polish after that It looked good until the plastic polish dried up, and then the poly looked milky, and the handguard looked gross and straw like again

I'm also refinishing a romy dong handguard for this project using your methods right now. I put on one coat of golden oak stain, too dark for me. I'm going to bleach it then start the process over again. I'll post pics of that when I get it done too.

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