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Originally Posted by blazeaglory View Post
Yeah OK why dont we just say "it is what it is" about ever problem then?

Great way to solve a problem buddy.
Really? You're really comparing this to "every problem"?

This store is nice enough to provide representation on this forum, provide timely feedback to its customers, and generally from what I have seen, takes care of them better than most businesses of their size.

The $5 charge has been discussed ad naseum both in this thread as well as several others where links were provided. I'm relatively new to the forum and even I can find it.

Continuously wanking about the fee does nothing but show your limited mental capacity to comprehend what has already been said and explained several times, therefore, it is what it is.

If it bothers you that much, go somewhere else. Chances are when you do have a problem you won't find the customer service that Turners provides. Of course you can always buy online and save a few bucks, but then you would have to pay shipping and would have no limit on the FFL fee. Or you could drive around town looking for the best deal, wasting more than the $5 you are complaining about.

To me, $5 isn't that big of a deal to support a local store who takes an active interest in the community and takes care of their customers. Maybe if there were more businesses like that and more people who thought like that there would be fewer wal marts and other big box stores with the service of a morgue.
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