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Originally Posted by Turner's Outdoorsman View Post

Now to the heart of the C&R issue. We are working with some very good folks (you all know these hard working guys) to get some things cleared up with regards to the exemptions and latitude that is extended to C&R licensees. We hear one thing from one regulatory entity and something a bit different from another. Under the advisement of the folks who are doing some work on this, we won't be commenting further until we hear back from them. But do know that we want to have C&R folks maximize the amount of utility that their license affords them. It's best for them and absolutely it's best for all dealers.
I am wondering if there is any news on you guys doing the C&R + COE exemption for the one hand gun in 30 day rule like other dealers are doing? Here is the Calguns thread about it with an explnation (post 103) on how to pick the right exemption on the drop down menu of the DROS screen so it does not get rejected. Post 103 was written by tenpercentfirearms who is a Calguns Foundation Board Member. Other 01 FFL's are giving the thumbs up for this being correct as well as the Chairman of the Calguns Foundation who I believe is a attorney (hoffmang)
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