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I've put a little more than 4 'bricks' of ammo through my GSG so far (approx 2200 rounds) and I've still yet to run into any problems, especially with the guide rod. But then I have one of the 1st gen's (maybe it's 1st) with the large steel guide rod and rubber & metal washers, similar looking to the aluminum one in the pictures above that CW Accessories makes & sells.

As for the barrel bushing, don't worry about it as you can get a better one for the gun. I've been using a EGW prefit match grade bushing, but I had to file down the tab on it so it would fit onto the GSG slide. It's tight getting on & off, but my groupings at 20 & 25 yards are very good now. Just get another barrel bushing, might need to some fitting for it, and you'll be good to go.

Or just call ATI and give them your serial number and they'll send you another one for free. But the GSG bushings are too loose and have too much play.... perfect for reliability and field stripping it easily, but your further shot accuracy suffers.

Originally Posted by philc View Post
Can you post a pic of your mags? Don't know how to describe it properly, but I have 5 of them and they all have short, skinny metal grab sticks that protrude from either side of the mags. They are hell on my fingers and nails Can't wait for someone to develop a speed loader for it...
Those small tabs are like load-assist tabs that you find an a 15-22 mag (with the red followers). IMO, it makes loading the GSG mags easy and fast. Sure it can be hard on your fingertips, but just hold a rag or small towel between your finger and the tabs and just pull the follower down and drop the rounds in. Takes me about 10 seconds to load a mag up with 11 rounds (yes, 11 rounds fits fine, feeds fine, and shoots fine with the CWA extended base pads).
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