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Originally Posted by anthonyca View Post
I agree with the above. I'll bet that a study of mistemeaner DV convictions would reveal that most people talked their way into a conviction by stating things such as ," I just pushed him/her away just enough to avoid the attack, I didn't even leave a mark" or " I just took him/her by the hand to get their attention so I could say what needed to be said" or "I just moved him/her out of the way of the door so I could leave before we got into a bigger argument". All of those are more than enough contact to get you banned for life from ever owning or touching a gun.

The vast majority of people think that a lifetime ban for DV means someone had cause pain, fear or leave a mark. Have you ever seen that corona beer commercial where the woman sprays her man with a lime for looking at a pretty girl? Read the code, jury instructions and caselaw for 243e in California, that is mistemeaner domestic violence that triggers a lifetime ban under the lautenberg amendment.
Very Interesting that Corona made such a commercial.
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