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Default AR308 Lightweight Build With Range Report

This is my second build on a Tactical Machining lower.
The first one is here.
By the time I was done it weighed something like 17 pounds without optics and was not what I would call accurate, the best groups I got were on the bench with Federal Match, 1.5 inch group @ 100 yards.

So I sold it and moved on to something else.
I missed the 308AR but not the weight, so I decided to build a light as possible, but also as accurate as possible rifle on a new TM lower.
Major build parts as follows...
-TM lower
-Magpul ACS & MOE grip
-Slash's Heavy carbine Buffer
-Geissele S2S trigger.

-Fulton side cocking upper and bolt carrier
-16 inch Black Hole stainless match barrel mid length gas with dimples
-Troy gas block
-JP Handguard
-SJC Titan stainless muzzle brake
-BCM Charging Handle Mod 3

Rifle weighs 8.4 Lbs, no mag on my Chicom digital postal scale.
Topped off with a TA11 ACOG its at 9.7 Lbs.
100 yard groups, American Eagle .308, 5 shot group at 1.2 inches and the Federal match is a little better.
This one is a keeper.

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