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Originally Posted by blazeaglory View Post
Exactly! When I buy jeans from sears do they charge me a "handling fee"? NO

I dont understand what the handling fee is for when Turners is in the business of selling guns. I never complain about anything but this fee does not add up.

Its not the $$$ that bothers me its the principal. It didnt say anything about a fee on the add. If it did I wouldnt be here complaining. And if I missed it somewhere I would have paid it but I still feel as if this fee is wrong.

Im seriously trying to like Turners but every time I spend money there I feel bad afterwards. Most of the sale items you have to get on the first day or they are SOLD OUT and the sales people have no idea or clue about what is on sale or not. I went in to buy a cleaning kit for my rifle that is on sale for $14.99 and the sales guy ahd no clue about it and finally just said"were sold out" he didnt know when they would get any more. I had to do my own work to even find the item.

I love Turners but the more I go there the more Im losing faith.

When you buy jeans at sears they don't have to submit a background check on you to the DOJ to see if you can purchase said jeans nor do they have to complete and store federal documents for the ATF.

I have no issues paying the $5 fee so that they can do the +/-15 mins of paperwork involved in a gun sale. Then again im the guy who will gladly pay the .45c fee at the gas station to use my card outside to avoid dealing with the people inside.
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