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Default Confussed!!!

Okay, I have been trying to figure this SSE out. Some background on me first, I just received my LTC and do not want to do anything that could put that in jeopardy. I let my first permit expire in 2003 (stupid me) and it was a long process to get it back. I really want a LCP and Walther PPS for my permit, but I am not going to take a gun that I am not 100% sure is legal to the SD.

So, my quest begins;.

I have talked to 4 different FFL's and all of them have given me different answers.

The first FFl was for a SSE AR pistol at the gun show. He said that i could buy the pistol as a SSE and once I own it, could place a 10 round magazine in it and top feed it. If I removed the magazine to reload, whether with a BB or not, it would be a felony. The next FFL told me that I could only use a 1 round mag and I could remove the mag.

Second question was on SSE pistol transfers. Warrior one in Riverside said they would not do them, but that they were legal. Fair enough. The second was Cal-arms. They will do them but when I asked about converting it back after I got it, they told me that it was a felony. When I asked where I could find that info, I was told DOJ web site and then was completely ignored. Great service from them. Not going back there. Rather deal with the lines at Bass Pro than them.

The last stop of the day was High Impact Tactical in Upland. Small shop but the guy that works there (did not get his name, real big guy) was very helpful. He talked to us for 30 minutes about what he knew of the SSE. First of all, he will do them all day long as he is legal to sell it to you as a SSE. When I asked about the conversion after the sale, he said yes and no. He talked to ATF and they said no problem. Then he called DOJ, they said no way. I forgot what he said about the AR, but it was different than the other 3.

Does anyone have a resource that I can go to to check this out. I am concerned when the SD runs the gun and it comes up as SSE and it is no longer that way, my LTC might be put at risk.

Any help would be great.
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