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Default NRA Records at MR Regional!


I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the folks that have set records at our last NRA MR Regional. The paperwork has been completed and handed off to our Treasurer Matt Kokoszka. He will cut the NRA fee check and submit the envelope to the NRA.

I certified (as Stat Officer the following today):

Guillermo Sandoval 15 shot @300 yards F/TR (Service): 142-3x
Guillermo Sandoval 15 shot @500 yards F/TR (Service): 135-4x
Guillermo Sandoval 15 shot @600 yards F/TR (Service): 148-2x
Ben Serebrini 15 shot @500 yards F-Open (Grand Senior): 150-6x
James Cobb 15 shot @600 yards Match Rifle/Metallic Sights: 150-13x
Tom Whitaker 15 shot @500 yards Match Rifle/Any Sights: 150-13x
German Salazar F/TR 45 shot mid range aggregate: 444-25x
German Salazar F/TR 15 shot @500 yards: 149-8x

I look forward to the NRA recognizing these scores!

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