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Originally Posted by richie3888 View Post
I took the class a couple months back. I'll for sure bring my safety card. Im not sure what I'll bring yet. Maybe I'll keep it simple and bring my lightweight bcm with irons and 1911 9mm or maybe a Glock. What sights do you recommend for beginners? I have regular irons, Eotech, aimpoints.

on the first Saturday of the month we will have THREE practice bays open.

STATIC BAY (Every Saturday)

Here you will have about 10 static paper targets in which to practice on. No moving. Just standing "static" and practicing your draws and accuracy. Sometimes we even have a 6 or 8 plate rack out for the shooters. You can practice with pistol here (plates or paper), rifle (paper only), or shotgun. (Plate rack only...unless you are shooting SLUGS at paper)

ACTION BAY (Every Saturday)

This bay is usually set-up for the action shooters. This bay will consist of walls/barriers, plates, poppers, Texas Star, Polish Plate Rack, and any other gizmo the stage designers want to concoct. This is primarily for pistol shooters. This is the run and gun stage, amd you will be timed in your runs.

MULTIGUN BAY (Only 1st Sat of every month)

This bay will primarily be for long guns - rifles and shotguns. We will have a similar set-up to the action bay, but geared towards shotgun and rifle. You can shoot a handgun if you wish, but it is primarily set-up to hone your long gun skills. (If you wish to work on your hand gun skills, the action bay or static bay are your better bet). We will also practice staging your long guns, as well as barreling them and transitioning to your secondary long gun. This includes improving your reloading skills, your transition from target-to-target skills, and your movement. This is the place to ask questions in regards to anthing 3-gun.

As for what to bring, it depends on what you want. Most of the guys here are multi-gunners, or want to be most of the stuff brought is for competition purposes. We will NOT teach you how to shoot, but "we will" help you to become a faster and more accutrate well as educating you in what gear is practical, and not "tacticool". (Tactifool).

I guess I cannot really tell you what to bring. Just bring yourself, and whatever you want to be comfortable with. (Lotta Eotechs on the range).

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