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Default Limited and hard to find items!!!

Limited and hard to find items!!!

Grab these limited and hard to find items now, as they are first come first serve.

We have a limited quantity of the .22LR Conversion Kit for Makarov

We have the very last unit of the production. Very low serial numbers: K003, K004, K005, and K007

The .22LR Conversion Kit. This kit makes it possible to use .22LR ammo in the 9x18 cal. chambered, standard capacity pistol of East European or Chinese manufacture, at considerable savings in ammunition costs and wear and tear, while using the pistol for target practice, or any kind of “fun” type shooting.

We have also reloaded our Bargain Section, click here

Gas Chamber, Bulgarian, 90 degree with bayonet/accessory lug, pre-drilled holes, used-takeoffs.

New Gas Chamber, Bulgarian, 90 degree, No bayo/access lug, takeoffs, no center holes.

Black Bulgarian made bayonet. Complete with wire cutters, scabbard, and web strap, used. Fits all AKM/AK74 variants. *Average to good condition*
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