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At some point during your application process, a background investigator will contact a sampling of your neighbors, family and co-workers to determine your suitability to carry a concealed weapon. We will advise the people we contact of the reason for the contact, and ask them if they would recommend you be issued a CCW permit.

. . .

Those individuals who have lived an upstanding life in every respect and enjoy a well-earned reputation among their neighbors, co-workers and friends should have little problem successfully getting through our process.
I think that the sheriff will have difficulty ensuring that a negative response from one of your neighbors/coworkers/other is in fact based upon their opinion of you getting a LTC vs their opinion of anyone getting a LTC. IOW, all it takes is for the sheriff's department to, by chance, interview 1 person who knows you and is an anti and that anti stops you from being able to defend your life!

While this may seem intrusive to some, I believe that with an expanded definition of “good cause” (that applies to virtually every lawful resident of the County) comes a higher level of due diligence on our part to ensure we are not issuing CCW permits to individuals who shouldn’t have one.
Hmm. So some people who can legally carry a loaded firearm in their home "shouldn't" be allowed to legally carry a loaded handgun in public? I guess the sheriff actually believes that if they wanted to go nuts and kill a bunch of people, that fact that they don't have a LTC would somehow stop them. You would think a sheriff would have been in LE long enough to realize that laws are used to punish people after the fact, that they can't prevent criminal acts if people want to carry them out.
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