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Attention Calgunners! There are smart kids out there! Good for him that he put some thought into what he is going to write and didn't write like most 13 years olds who tend 2 rite like diz 2 u n me cuz der iming every 4 secs...(I'm 20 I can read that can you lol)

That you have an uncle/aunt who likes shooting or who could take you? Cousins maybe who are over 18? Parents usually do what they think is best for their kids, but it's the older cousins/aunts/uncles/gandparents who get to teach you all the "forbidden" stuff. (sneaking soda/candies/cookies/t rated games/bad words) In this case maybe you have a cousin who is also into firearms who could take you more regularly.
"If guns kill people do pencils misspell words?"

"I do not agree with a word you say, Sir, but I will fight to the DEATH for your RIGHT to say it!"

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