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Nice document. I am the intended audience and did read it ALL.

I might suggest:
1. a mention of Grips.
-I found the same gun I rented was harder to shoot on a 98' day in shade at the range mainly due to my sweaty palms and the grips not being as tacky. Something that testing indoors may not have highlighted. Ability to add Hogue or other grips will be something I consider now, and also more focus on the stock grips when "damp". A newbie like me will need to realize some grips have a "plastic-y" tact (slippery) feel if sweaty, while others have more natural rubber hold, sorry if I didn't explain well. Useful for outdoor range and panic self defense situations, I would think.
2. more on Trigger smoothness/grittiness, and reset. What/ how to look for it unloaded (in store), and why it matters, ie how effects accuracy/followup fire.
3. Sight picture details and sight types (3 dot, "target sight", or others), just more on options - stock and aftermarket.
4. Mention of Father->Son gift exemption (out of state) for FFL. How to use logistically, appropriately, etc.

I am going to be doing more research on new models with ability to switch out barrel to .22 for range and still use .40 or .45 without having second gun.

Also, somewhat confused on reliability (not from your post), as nearly every gun I have been interested has some review/feedback on failures, gritty, or other issues. So, will continue the research. FYI I will not be putting in 1000 rounds to break in, per some other suggestions I have seen, and many newbies will probably be more like me in that.

Thank you for the info and consideration of my feedback.
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