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Question ATI shipping new GR - Still Love the GSG!

My GSG also cam stock with the "clear plastic" washer and a small metal washer on top. From all the research I have done, I am the first to see this new metal piece.

OKAY, So I have a "gen 2.1" GSG and I took it to Sunnyvale R & G put it through it's paces.
I brought with me 200rds of left over Federal Blue Box and 350 Remington High Velocity Green/Yellow + a about a dozen CCI Minimags.
Throughout the whole couple hours of shooting I had one FTF and one FTE.
This was the FTF, it was from Federal Blue and it looked like this:

The bullet was already corroding, and was a crappy bullet, so I don't really blame it on the gun, but on the bullet. The FTE was because my buddy (new to pistols) was shooting and had some issue with the mag.
Overall I was amazed with this gun. NO recoil, Hours of fun, and all for about $30.
The biggest issue I had was the front sight. The stock sight (in-between) shooting too high, so I will need to install the tall one and file that down and go from there, but it's dead on. The mags functioned perfectly (and I don't have a "ruger blister" on my thumb) and after a quick 500+ rounds I do not have a paperweight!
I am looking forward to changing to a flat mainspring housing and switching the grips over, probably to VZs because I have those on my other go-to 1911.
The other thing I will probably change is the safety is too pointy and it digs in when I draw and disable the safety as I line up on target. I may also tackle the beavertail but probably not anytime soon.
I will also upgrade the guide rod once I get it in the mail.

I am so happy with this pistol. I was worried after hearing about some of those who had issues with theirs but mine was pretty flawless. I will be headed up to the PO range on Friday to do more drill scenarios and hopefully put another 1000 rounds through it.

I know it's been a long post but I wanted to make sure I discussed some issues that are out there and how my experience has differed. GSG and ATI have done a great job on this pistol and I look forward to putting many more thousands through this gun.

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