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Arrow 19th March 2013 UPDATED: GSG 1911 long term report - Trucking along!

Disclaimer: I am no way affliated with the manufacturers, vendors, or otherwise promoting businesses within the links in this thread. They are merely listed as the resources that I used and discovered during my adventure to purchase and anticipate possible issues arising from manufacturing or use of the GSG. They are listed for your reference to save you the time of google searching yourself.

Okay this review has been a long work in progress from day 1 so I hope I don't leave anything out, please bare with me.

I knew I wanted the GSG every since I laid eyes on one. Of course being in CA I had to do my research first and work around that. A 1911-er myself a box of .45 seemed to really set me back and I lacked the time to reload again and $25+ for a box was NOT cutting it. I used the interweb to research .22 conversions as well as dedicated .22s. For the record I have a Ruger Mark II but wanted something that I could use with my duty gear. Through youtube and other forums I learned about the existing options from Chiappa, Kimber, Colt/Umarex, Browning, etc. There are nothing wrong with those, but I wanted the GSG.
Back around February I heard that one of our members (DaveFJ80) had one and contacted him. His urgency about the quality and workmanship really pushed me over the edge and I knew I needed one.

I contacted several shops about doing a SSE but the threaded barrel threw a wrench in that, so I contacted ATI about a replacement non-threaded barrel, but to no success. Upon further research I learned that ATI submitted the GSG for testing but you all know how long that takes...
Finally (in May???) it was added to the CA approved list and I called around to locate one but got the usual "we'll get it when/if we get it" so I hit a holding pattern. Then Turners came out with preorders, I thought about that but because I am in NCal...

Through your leads (thanks Calgun members )I was able to secure one and made the journey down to Watsonville to pick one up. Kudos to Joe @ the shop.

Gun comes standard with 1 10rd mag, the take down wrench, threaded barrel wrench (which I cannot use here in CA), extra sights(tall, short, in between) and sight tools, cleaning brush, lock, and paperwork.
I picked up extra mags from for 29.95/ea + Flat 2.95 shipping (I guess $ has gone up). It took about a week to get those.

During my DROS time I continued doing research about modifications/issues and learned that later models were having Guide Rod & Barrel Bushing issues. Nervous, I went ahead and ordered a new guide rod from
in anticipation of issues.
After receiving mine I did a field strip and took a look at my guide rod.

I did a magnet test on the bushing and I have the steel one. I guess 2nd Gen GSGs came with non-steel bushings that "spun" and coupled with different designed guide rods, created an issue.
My stock guide rod is the "upgraded" (gen 2.1?) that has a reinforced base and tip.

You can tell because the it is not an "x" all the way to the base as with the youtube video I referenced above.

CWAccessories 1 Piece SS GR and the stock X GR.
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