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Default Wesley Lagomarsino's Firearms Institute

Just completed Wesley Largomarsino's CA CCW course. I researched the web to find the right course and I have to tell you that I can't imagine that there is a better available course out there. This is one of the most "Professional" courses I have ever experienced in the use of handguns, period. With previous extensive experiences in Law Enforcement, Wesley is "above and beyond" qualified and one should consider themselves fortunate to have the opportunity to take his course.

Wesley is a down-to-earth kind of guy, that makes the course fun and enjoyable. He is highly energetic and always gives students time for questions and great stories directly related to educating you on the use and safety of handguns.

Even in a class of 15, you felt as though you were in a "one-on-one" situation. His range tactics are technical and deliberate to ensure all on the range are safe. He also had another instructor there named Joe Truesdale, that was equally professional and fun to be around. A competition serious competition shooter with many helpful pointers on how to better your shooting techniques.

No egos involved here. Everyone had a great time and you left with a wealth of information which you had never thought about before. I talked to friends that are CCW holders and mentioned just a few things from the course that they were unaware of that could be vital if a shooting ever occurred. I won't tell you what their response was, but it was a four letter word followed by, "I didn't know that."

Carrying a CCW is not something that's "cool to do" It is one of the greatest responsibilities you will ever have in your life besides having children. If or when a shooting occurs, it could destroy your life "legally" (even if you were "justified") as well as the one you shoot. If you plan to carry concealed get the best training you can get. I highly recommend that you consider this course as your training source.
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