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If calmly, politely, and articulately requesting advice for a personal dilemma over the internet is considered trolling, then so be it. I will not attempt to convince you of my true intentions behind this thread, as doing so would be impossible over the disembodied words of the internet, stripped of true humanity. I will not stop "messing around on the computer", as you put it--I was not aware that my previous behavior constituted doing so. And I was not aware that I pushed my increased intelligence over that of "90% on here"--only that I spend more thought and vocabulary on these forum posts than the average Netizen does.

Now that I have established that, I digress. The visit to the shooting range and safety class has moved my father's perception of firearms greatly, now that both of us have pulled the trigger for the first time. 50 rounds of factory reloaded .45 Auto cartridges through a 1911 has improved his perspective considerably; however, he remains intractable over the matter of purchase. His logic is that rental alone allows a much greater range of firearm use, without the responsibility that actual ownership entails. Also, he said, any .22 that I purchased would be a low-grade model and be a potential hazard, as he believes that I do not have the knowledge of proper firearm maintenance. My logic is that ownership gives me a repeatable and dependable platform that I can improve my skill on over a long-term period. Furthermore, I know models that possess relative quality for low price and I know how to clean a firearm. He broke the argument off there, and I knew better than to needle him further--but I also knew that I was closer than ever before. Some time for him to cool off, and I'll try the old argument again--but with my own financial segment out of the equation, pushing him into spending several hundred dollars on an implement he feels reluctant about to begin with will be a highly difficult matter. But again, I am closer than ever before.
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