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I was started at age 5 with a pellet gun and then started shooting .22's when I was 7, when I was 8 my parents bought me a pump .22 (still have it 33 years later). It was stressed from an early age that these were not toys and my stepdad made sure to teach my brothers and I the proper care and rules of using and owning firearms. To this day I hear his words everytime I pick up a gun. He sent us to a 2 day hunter safety course when we were 8 and we had to shoot shotguns. I started my son at around 6 years old shooting my .22 and the proper care of guns. He always asks me before he can handle a gun, even his BB gun. Start them early, keep your guns locked up but let them hold them and kindly show them proper usage and they will learn to respect them.
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